KLNC’s seven-step packaging process ensures that every project we do is treated with care and attention.

This consistent approach to the development and manufacturing of thermoformed packaging allows us to provide the highest quality products and services for our customers.

We examine the requirements of the customer and suggest improvements or cost-saving opportunities that could improve the end result for the customer.

We design and develop a packaging solution, customized specifically for the customer’s unique needs, and submit it to the customer for approval.

Upon approval of the design, we create a prototype and produce samples to show the final product.

We design and build the necessary moulds and tools in-house and maintain sufficient tolerances on the components to ensure that the packaging is manufactured accurately and efficiently.

Our on-site sheet extrusion processes gives us control over the quality and materials used in each project. Furthermore, this expertise allows us to help advise our customers on what are the most appropriate materials for each job.

Heat, air pressure, plu pressure, and mould pressure are used to produce plastic parts to the exact specifications required for the customer’s product. This is the final step in the packaging process for our engineers.

After a final quality control check according to strict inspection schedules, we deliver at the time and date that you want.

Because of our vertically integrated structure, we control literally all aspects of the design and manufacturing process. This control helps to provide improved turn-around times for our customers and allows us to actively seek innovative ways to improve their products, services and processes


We specialize in custom thermoforming that is both innovative and offers maximum shelf appeal. Our fully custom process allows our clients to take their packaging ideas to store shelves.

As a full-service thermoforming company, we offer custom packaging solutions that go beyond the traditional packaging process. From account managers to engineers, we offer innovative solutions to most industries. From effective retail thermoformed packaging, such as blister packs, to highly regulated medical device packaging, we offer a creative, efficient and flexible approach to developing unique packaging for all types of products.


We work closely with every client to identify customer’s needs and the best packaging solution.

Every client has unique needs and requirements. We work closely with each customer to create the packaging vision, from learning about packaging requirements such as safety, sterilization and product safeguarding. Our engineers analyze all potential thermoforming options to find the most efficient and flexible option for the customer.

In addition to identifying the most appropriate packaging options, we offer suggestions for reducing costs and improving overall efficiency.


After identifying project needs, we begin the process of developing each customized packaging solution.

From design to mould building, we oversee and control all aspects of production. Our vertically integrated system allows our team to control nearly all aspects of the project to ensure maximum efficiency and superior quality in design and end product.

An efficient supply management system, quality assurance and commitment to our customers allow us to deliver the most innovative packaging solutions. With experience in all major markets and recognition as a leading packaging company, we design, develop and deliver only the highest quality thermoformed packaging.


Plastic ingenuity’s commitment to customers is the foundation for long-standing partnerships.

We are committed to develop long-term relationships with each client. Backed by a team of engineers and representatives, available 24 hours, our entire process is focused on our customers. Our customers’ unique needs drive us to provide innovative solutions each and every day.


Efficient supply-chain management relies on strong partnerships with suppliers, as well as a thorough understanding of our customers’ needs. Our greatest strength is our vertically integrated system. In–house sheet extrusion, design, tool/mould building, engineering, thermoforming, and design and distribution planning allow exceptional flexibility, responsiveness, and control throughout all phases of a project. In addition, our years of experience have made us extremely proficient at evaluating our customers’ forecasts to better manage their inventory levels. Also, in the event, real–time inventory controls are needed, so we can efficiently implement those systems.

Supply Chain Management Capabilities

  • Strategic partnerships with raw material suppliers
  • Vertically integrated manufacturing system
  • Lean manufacturing to reduce inventory holding costs
  • Inventory monitoring
  • Strategic warehouse locations
  • Real–time inventory control
  • Full product tracking
  • Secure warehousing of products
  • Batch releases
  • Superior on–time delivery


At KLNC Packaging & Disposables, we know that in order to produce the highest quality food and pharmaceutical packaging, we must maintain impeccable quality control standards.

Extruding our own sheets gives us complete control and traceability, and we are constantly in communication with our customers’ quality control staffs to create processes to meet each of their unique specifications.