Welcome to KLNC Packaging & Disposables

We are a family business committed to providing the highest quality products and unrivalled services, offering real values that not only meet, but exceed our customers’ expectations. KLNC Packaging and Disposables was founded in 2011, the Netherlands, by Cihan Kilinc. A disciplined and transparent business owner who developed KLNC Packaging & Disposables, together with his ambitious sons, into a major supplier of packaging and disposables in a short period of time.

We pride ourselves on our competitiveness, manufacturing principles and the investment made in putting together one of the most experienced teams in the thermoforming industry.

Our aim is always to go one step further, looking at how new designs, materials and processes can help to achieve even better results, while meeting all of your technical requirements.

We build a complete commercial and technical partnership with customers so that KLNC becomes your preferred supplier for thermoformed plastic and foam packaging. With an combined knowledge in the packaging industry, our team of highly experienced technical managers are able to offer support and advice to our customers on every aspect of you order.

The incomparable level of flexibility and loyalty we offer to our customers makes us the desired supplier for your company.

What’s important to us?

Sustainable packaging

Together with our customers, we believe it’s important to preserve natural resources for future generations. Our aim is to use advanced technology and solutions to limit harm to the environment and take every opportunity to recycle our own waste material.

Considering the complete life cycle from raw material to disposal, we aim to:

  • Source our own waste products wherever possible and minimize consumption of raw materials and utilities;
  • Develop products that can utilize the smallest footprint and lowest weight possible;
  • Encourage customers, employees, suppliers and subcontractors to be environmentally aware;
  • Use recyclable and sustainable raw materials to be able to recycle as much as possible;
  • Concentrate on technological improvements to minimize waste as much as possible so we are able to create sustainable packaging.
  • Produce high quality packaging with a great finish and competitive prices.